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UV Filter or Non-UV Filter

Created profile appears too yellow.

Many substrates contain optical brighteners (also known as OBA's). These brighteners absorb ultraviolet (UV) light and reflect it into visible blue light, causing the human eye to see a more light than is actually shining on the brightened subject. A spectrophotometer will also detect this effect, but without a human brain to interpret the results, it has a tendency to read the white of your substrates as slightly more blue. Based on this information, your ICC profile calculations may result in a yellowish cast to 'fix' the blue.

If you aren't sure that the papers you are using have UV brightenters, a quick scan with a blacklight is the best way to check. And it's really fun.

So, now that you've determined that OBA's have made their way into your workflow what should you do to get the best results?

The answer depends on your hardware and software combination. Here's a handy review of X-Rite products and these filters:












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