Resetting the X-Rite 380 Series

On occasion a customer wishes to simply clear instrument memory and start over from scratch. While not documented in X-Rite operation manuals this is possible. To clear memory and re-establish X-Rite factory default settings proceed as follows:
  1. Remove external power from the unit and allow it to "sleep". NOTE: Older 380's (those with batteries) may be forced into a sleep mode more quickly by pressing and holding both of the center keys (keys 2 & 3).
  2. Re-apply power (or if the batteries are well charged - simply press any key to "wake" the instrument).
  3. IMMEDIATELY press and hold both keys 1 and 3. The words "Keys Pressed" will appear. When this occurs, release the keys.
  4. The instrument will next display the words "Master Reset? Yes No".
  5. Press the key beneath the word "Yes". The instrument will immediately clear its program memory - - setting all parameters back to factory shipping values.


Note: The customer will lose ALL information currently stored in the device. This procedure should only be performed if the desire is to completely wipe the unit of all previous information.

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