Networking Multiple ATS Pub Systems

Networking Solution

A number of customers operate two or more ATS PUB workstations with a single scanner. To enable this functionality the software provides two modes of operation, "Administrator Mode/Press Operator Mode" (hereafter called Administrator) and "Viewer". When networked, the computer operating in Administrator Mode hosts ALL database files and is used to launch ALL scans. The Viewer (or Viewers) may create new jobs, and view scanned data. The "Measure" button is replaced with an "Update" button. When pressed, the Viewer simply reads the last press sheet from the computer that is acting as Administrator.

Generally, the best configuration makes use of three PCs. One PC becomes Administrator and will be directly attached to the scanner. The other two (or more) PCs are then configured to read from the Administrator's ATS PUB database. These machines are networked together over the corporate LAN. The only network conditions to satisfy are [a] that the Viewer(s) map a drive to the Administrator, and [b] that the Administrator provide appropriate read/write permissions to the Viewer(s).

Minimum PC Requirements for non-turnkey computers:

Step One

Locate X-Rite scanner convenient to both presses. Network the Administrator computer per corporate standards: share the ATS PUB program folder so that connected Viewer PC's will be provided both read and write permissions.

Note: ALL job and library data will reside on this "Administrator Mode/Press Operator Mode" PC.

Step Two

Set up a second (Viewer or Viewer) computer. This PC must run the SAME version of the ATS PUB software as the Administrator. Again, network per corporate standards. Permanently map a drive letter (e.g., H:) for the "Template" and the "Database" database folders.

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