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Glossary for ColorCert

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Application - A combination of a set of rules in combination with a profile.

Backing Material - the material used under non-opaque substrates to help standardize the measurement process for media that is not completely opaque.

Chooser: The main window of ColorCert software is called the “Chooser.” This will look different based on the tools that you have licensed and also depends on the level of user: Master or Client.

Inks - A ColorCert Ink includes tint values and may or may not be included in process builds of color in the job. This is different than a ColorCert SpotColor that only represents one color value.

Jobs - used during production and QC to measure, monitor and report on the color and print quality of each press run. Jobs are based on the targets set in the Profiles, and the tolerances set in the Rules.

Primaries are the colors in your production that may be printed with tints. These may be used in process color solids and their tints, or this might be a PANTONE color printed in solids and tints.

Profiles - contain all of the specific colors that will be measured. These can be a set of CMYK process colors and a substrate that are used in general production, or you may have a set of rules for production of many different jobs that share the same specific set of brand colors on the same substrate. A set of Rules may also be created for a single specific job.

Rules - contain the specific tolerances and requirements that are defined by a brand owner for their print production. You may also have different Rules that are designed around the capabilities and expectations of a type of press.

ScoreCards - are generated from Jobs based on the weighted scores of print quality in several selected areas, as defined by the Rules and Profiles, to generate an overall Job Score. This give the production team, supervisors, and brand owners a simple way to evaluate the overall quality of the job, and areas that can be focused on for improvement.

SpotColors - In ColorCert a spotcolor represents any important brand color in the job, no matter how it is produced. This is a single value of a color that will be used in the job, such a product package that contains a color that is used in a brand logo. The brand owner may only be concerned with the specific color value of this brand logo. It is not important that the logo is produced with a solid PANTONE color, or a tint of a PANTONE color or process colors. What is important is that the printed logo color is correct.


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