DTP70 Target not reading properly

• A Target Definition Language (TDL) file must be loaded into the instrument before measuring a target. If required, you can create your own TDL files using the X-Rite ToolCrib application. This application is located on the Manuals and Utilities CD supplied with your system. Refer to the readme.txt file within ToolCrib for instructions on creating TDL files. • The target must have at least a 1.2 inch (30.5 mm) leader before the leading edge of the first row of patches. • Inspect the target for spots or defects on the patches. Defects may cause inaccurate measurements. • Some TDL files are set up as “multi-page targets” where all targets must be measured before a confirmation is displayed on the monitor. In these cases, targets are scanned one after the other in the sequence defined. • A target must be positioned in the center of the tray with the patches facing up. The TDL file loaded defines what direction the target is positioned. Once centered, slowly insert the target into the instrument until it rests against the feed rollers. • All applications that use this instrument must be running during measurements. Refer to the documentation provided with the software application that you are using with your instrument. • Instrument not calibrated. • If still not reading, and nothing seems to read, try cleaning the shaft that the reading head rides on with a cotton swab and alcohol.

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