Calibrating the 890 series Densitometers

How to calibrate an 890Calibrating the 890 series Densitometers

The 890 series densitometers (890, 891, 892) require periodic calibration to ensure accurate measurements.
Begin by locating the Auto-Cal strip (PN 880-100). It is located in a protective envelope. This is a certified media.
It should be cared for and replaced every 18 months. An expiration date is printed on both the card and its protective envelope. Daily calibration is recommeded to ensure accuracy.  To calibrate proceed as follows:

  1. Apply power to the densitometer; wait until its self test concludes.


  2. Access the "Main Menu" via pressing the two right-hand keys at the same time.


  3. Press P1 until "CAL" is a choice.


  4. Press the "CAL" key. The unit will immediately respond by calibrating its transmission optics.
Wait until this process has concluded!!
the instrument should beep, display "CALIBRATION OK", and then return to the main menu.

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