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Tired of Color Rejections?

Even if you think your color looks great, you will still get a rejection if it doesn’t look right to your customer. That’s because there is more to visual evaluation than meets the eye.

Objects don’t have color.

They have properties that determine which wavelengths of light are absorbed and which are reflected. We perceive color based on the type of light that is reflecting off of the object and into our eyes. This can lead to two problems when visually evaluating products for shipment.

Problem 1: When light changes, color changes.

If you approve a product for shipment under your facility’s fluorescent lights but your customer evaluates it next to the store window at noon, your assessment of the color will be different.

Solution: Use a light booth.

When you visually evaluate color using a light booth, you can see in less than one minute whether the color of your product will shift when the light changes, and confirm that assembled pieces continue to match under every type of light. Our industry-leading SpectraLight QC Light Booth features seven different light sources, more than any other light booth or luminaire on the market.

Problem 2: Our eyes can be deceived.

We’ve all seen those optical illusions that trick our brains into seeing things that aren’t there. Different people pick up on different visual cues, and that can impact how we interpret and perceive colors. Genetics, retinal fatigue, and background effects also influence our perception of color.

Solution: Test your color vision.

Color deficiency is quite common. In fact, about one in every 13 men and one in every 300 women exhibits some type of color deficiency. If you visually evaluate color, you should take the Farnsworth-Munsell100 Hue Test to assess your color vision acuity.

Start Shipping Color Your Customers Will Love!

When you test your eyes and evaluate color using a light booth, you can confirm there are no product defects, verify color doesn’t shift when the light changes, and ensure color harmony between components in less than one minute.

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