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X-RiteColor Master is Closing Unexpectedly

There may be several causes for this unwanted behavior. There is a chance that your database has been corrupted. Perhaps the computer lost power while writing a transaction to the database files. There is also a small chance that your startup INI file is damaged.

As this is the least painfull repair option try this fix first:

  1. Close the software and delete the "FM2000.ini" file from the root directory of X-Rite Color Master.
  2. Relaunch the software and attempt to duplicate the error to verify that removing this file resolves the problem.

If the above steps fail to correct the situation you will need to try a more agressive approach. Next in line is to attempt to repair a damaged database. A complete check and repair utility is built into the XAdmin program. It is always a good idea to create a known good backup prior to working on your database. Worst case is that the backup can be sent to X-Rite's Applications team for additional review.

There is a related helpdesk solution "Database Server Will Not Start (5 step fix)".

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