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X-Color QC v2.1.1 Installation Q&A

X-Color QC v2.1.1 Installation Q&A



Can I install X-Color QC Version 2.1.1 over an existing X-Color QC Version 2.0.1 Installation? Yes. Version 2.1.1 may be installed over Version 2.0.1 and the installer will automatically remove Version 2.0.1. Data is automatically converted upon the initial start of the applications, that is, the first time Version 2.1.1 is run after installation
Can I go back to Version 2.0.1 after I install Version 2.1.1? No, you cannot go back since the data are converted and there is no back-wards conversion. If there will be a need to go back, you should save a copy of the data files before the installation of Version 2.1.1.
Why has the size of the installation file increased to 275 MB? The installation now contains OpenOffice and X‐Color QC will use it for user defined reports
Do I have to do anything special to run OpenOffice? OpenOffice should start automatically. If it doesn’t, the following should be done:
1. Start OpenOffice Calc
2. Choose Tools / Options within, choose “Memory” and check the box for Load during system start‐up
What do I do if I can’t start OpenOffice? Sometimes OpenOffice can not be started if “soffice.bin” [which is started by X‐Color QC] is still active. This process can be stopped by going to the Windows Task Manager, Processes tab
Can a customer use the same database from two different locations? Yes, but this requires the Enterprise version at each location.
Is there any configuration where the customer would not need a client installed on his PC, like the web-based application of X‐RiteColor Master? No, X‐Color QC uses a true client‐server architecture and therefore requires the client to be installed on each PC. NOTE: XCM Web Edition does need two controls loaded on the client to communicate to the X‐Rite devices and to manage the remote printers.
Is there any way to change from Illuminant Table 6 to Table 5 after installation has been completed? No

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