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Which ColorMunki do I have, and where is its serial number?

How to identify your ColorMunki device and find its' serial number.X-Rite has a family of measurement devices and software programs in the ColorMunki family of products. Each of these ColorMunki devices will require a unique software program to be used, and each device will have its serial number in a different location on the device.

If you contact X-Rite for technical support the first questions we typically ask (after your name of course) would be which ColorMunki device you have and its serial number. Here's a quick primer on which device is which, and where we hide the serial numbers. (We understand that the type used on the serial number labels is quite small. Our apologies for any eyestrain that might result.)

If the device you own looks like a black tape measure, and comes in a fabric pouch, then on the bottom of the device there is a silver plate with the serial number. This would be a ColorMunki Photo device. If the tape measure is made of white plastic, then you have a ColorMunki Design device. There will be a new variation of this device appearing as we write this FAQ, called i1Studio. And the i1Studio device will be very similar to the white plastic ColorMunki Design device, but will be branded i1Studio, rather than ColorMunki. The serial numbers of these devices will begin with four digits, followed by seven digits.

If the device is small, made of black plastic and has a frosted white disk on the top of it, then there's a rectangular weight on the USB cable, and the serial number is on that weight. This would be a ColorMunki Display device. The serial numbers of the ColorMunki Display device will begin with CM-.

And the junior member of the ColorMunki family is the ColorMunki Smile. This will be made of black plastic, shaped similarly to a computer mouse, with a fabric ring on the bottom of the device. The serial numbers of the ColorMunki Smile are on the bottom of the device and will begin with XR.


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