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MatchRite iVue Tips for Good Matching

Tips for the MatchRite iVue

1. Hold any color chips to the lighting above, can you see through it, if so try to find a similar color on the chip wall or if the sample is large enough try to fold it multiple times. This helps with dark measurements as the Ivue may measure through the sample to the black mat below.

2. If the sample is textured or shows color variants use averaging, try to rotate the sample 90, 180, and 270 degrees from original measurement. This will allow our software to average the samples to give a more accurate match.

3. For Drywall, Wood and Metal samples ask the customer how many coats? Did they use primer? What color was it before the current color? Knowing these will help to know if custom match can be done correctly.

4. If you are ever unsure of the formula, reduce colorants by 10%, remember it’s always easier to add more colorant but it’s difficult to remove.

5. Keep your MatchRite iVue clean!

6. Measure with great care. Make certain that your sample is properly positioned in the measurement Ring. The prepared sample MUST completely fill the ring or sample holder opening. If even a tiny part is left open the results will be far from satisfactory.

7. Carefully dry your samples.Two reasons: [1] we don't want to get paint on the measuring lens and [2] wet "looks" different. Do this experiment - - Place a drop of clear water on a tabletop or counter. Notice that the wetted area "looks" darker. Wet pavement looks darker too. The smoother the surface (wet vs. dry) the darker the appearance. If you are trying to match a paint to a fandeck or a customer sample you MUST dry the paint to realize its final color.

8. Temperature, Humidity and such... This may be out of your control but it's science none-the-less: hotter surfaces are MORE colorful! Can't be helped it's pure physics and there's a fancy two-dollar word for the effect - "thermochromism". Roughly translated - "Hotter is brighter". This effect is quite strong with some pigments and dyes and rather weak with many others. To be on the safe side... let your sample cool (if you've been force-drying it with a hair-dryer).

9. Lighting (Illumination) Color formulation systems can produce recipes to match colors for a variety of different scenarios; daylight, incandescent, and fluorescent for example. If you have asked for an INCANDESCENT match - - make sure your visual appraisal is also done in these conditions. This is a common oversight and the cause for many a (unneeded) remake.

10. Care for your dispenser. This tool too must be in perfect trim if you are to assure good first shot matches. Take the time to inspect each nozzle removing dried paint as required.

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