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Installing a TeleFlash AK.Dat parameter file with X-Rite Software

TeleFlash 130
TeleFlash 130 Compact
AK.Dat Parameter file
Installing a TeleFlash instrument with an AK.Dat parameter file
Your TeleFlash instrument will be shipped with a floppy disk containing a “parameter file”. This file must be copied onto your computer before calibration and use.

    Installation Instructions:
1. Insert the floppy diskette into the computer’s floppy drive.  
2. Open Windows Explorer and click on the floppy drive.  
3. Select the AK_1234*.dat file and copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C or by using the menu and clicking Edit – Copy.  
4. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory named C:\Program Files\Common Files\X-Rite.  
5. Paste the AK_1234.dat parameter file into the folder by pressing CTRL+V or by using the menu and clicking Edit – Paste.
*Please Note that your AK.dat file will contain a number other than 1234. The number will be the actual serial number of the instrument.

  ** TeleFlash 445 instruments do not use an AK.dat parameter file

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