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Ink Formulation & ColorQuality Software - XRGA Information

InkFormulation version 6 & ColorQuality version 6 were released in 2011 and included the update to XRGA. There are other features included – see InkFormulation 6 product page online for details: http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=801

InkFormulation 6 & ColorQuality 6 databases contain XRGA data only. Data from connected Non-XRGA X-Rite instruments will be converted to XRGA. Also, data imported or exported from/to InkFormulation 5 or ColorQuality 5 to InkFormulation 6 will be automatically converted to XRGA.


When using InkFormulation 5 & ColorQuality 5 or earlier versions, SpectroServer 2.8 needs to be installed when instruments supporting XRGA are used, All data in InkFormulation 5 & ColorQuality 5 database need to be non-XRGA, which will be handled by SpectroServer 2.8. Upon data import to InkFormulation 6 & ColorQuality 6, it is assumed that the data of the former InkFormulation & ColorQuality versions are non- XRGA and will be converted to XRGA.

Refer to the separate document on InkFormulation/ColorQuality XRGA support, including software update, backup procedure, import/export and instrument data handling available online at: http://www.xrite.com/documents/literature/en/InkForm6_ColorQ6_XRGA_Support_en.pdf

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