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ColorMunki Display Won't Connect On PC - Check For DisplayCal From Argyll

The Argyll driver in DisplayCal can cause the CM Display to not connect to CM Display software.If you have an Argyll product (i.e., DisplayCal) installed on your computer and the ColorMunki Display fails to connect to the CM Display software, the problem is likely to be caused by the Argyll device driver. Argyll's device driver will not allow the CM Display to connect to our software.  To resolve this issue:
  1. Right click on the “Eye-One Display 3 (Argyll)” or “ColorMunki Display (Argyll)” device driver in Control Panel > Device Manager and select “Uninstall” to remove the existing driver.  If it appears, check the box to "Deleted the driver software for this device". 
  2. You'll then need to uninstall the Argyll (i.e., DisplayCal) program and the reboot the computer
  3. Delete any Display Cal and/or Argyll directories left behind (C:\Program Files (x86) and/or C:\ProgramData) and then reboot the computer
  4. Plug in the CM Display and it should properly load the driver as a "USB Input Device" under "Human Interface Devices".
  5. Open ColorMunki Display and test

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