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CarFlash instrument head change

If the CarFlash instrument head needs to be switch with another CarFlash instrument head for possible troubleshooting or service.
  1. Position the CarFlash head so you can gain access to the mounting bolts and cable connectors on the back of the CarFlash head.
  2. Exit CarFlash program.
  3. Power down the Interface box.  This will power down the instrument head.
  4. Disconnect the Control cable and video cable from the CarFlash head.
  5. Disconnect and remove the CarFlash head from the robot mounting bracket.
  6. Place the new CarFlash head on the robot mounting bracket.
  7. Connect the Video cable and control cables to the CarFlash head.
  8. Power on the interface box.
  9. Insert CD that came with the CarFlash head containing instrument specific data files.  If you do not have a data disk please contact technical support at or 888-826-3042.  You will need to request schieb_streckxxxxxxxx.dat and tkomp_xxxxxxxx.dat.  (xxxxxxxx refers to the instrument serial number)
  10. Copy the two files schieb_streckxxxxxxxx.dat and tkompf_xxxxxxxx.dat to C:\CarFlash\
  11. Start CarFlash software
  12. Go to the Color tab and click on Color Details. (Detailed in CarFlash Manual section 10.4)
  13. Perform a calibration.

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