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Bar Code Scanning in ColorDesigner Plus

ColorDesigner PLUS can use bar codes in the following ways:
  1. Send UPC/EAN code of the paint base to dispenser software, to be scanned there.
  2. Scan UPC/EAN code of the paint base in ColorDesigner PLUS before dispensing.
  3. Scan the bar code on a paint chip to look up the color (instead of typing the color name or color number).

UPC/EAN code handling verifies that the operator has the correct paint base and can size, so it eliminates one cause of mistints.  To support UPC/EAN code handling (either of the first two features), the paint line database (Electronic Formula Book or Color Matching Database) must contain the UPC/EAN code for each base-can size combination.

To access a document (PDF) that includes the required Settings in ColorDesigner PLUS as well as configuring a Symbol LS4208 Scanner, click HERE

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