Color Theory: Understanding the Numbers of Color


Modeled after our “Fundamentals of Color and Appearance” seminar, this online course will teach you the “color basics” and introduce you to effective color communication methods for your own organization.

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Applicable to nearly every industry and business, this six module online course teaches color theory, the language of color, and how to overcome the universal problem of color communication. From the physics of color to lighting, spectrophotometers and color data, we will teach you how to view and understand color. Topics include:

  • Interactive experiments that demonstrate how the human eye can be fooled
  • Albert Munsell’s role in the development of color measurement and an overview of the systems that help us describing color
  • The nature of light and the role it plays in vision and color judgment
  • A history of color measurement instrumentation and how to choose the best instrument for your color needs
  • Recognizing and overcoming appearance characteristics that change our perception of color


This eLearning course is divided into six sections and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. No worries if you can’t complete the course at one time; come back to the site as often as you like for up to 60 days. The course also includes a workbook to help guide your eLearning experience and reinforce concepts. Each interactive session builds on key concepts and is accompanied by a short quiz. Following the final section there is a summary test to validate your understanding of the entire course. A final grade is computed as the weighted sum of both the sectional quizzes and the final test. Have fun and good luck.

Modules Include:

  • Section 1 - The Basics
  • Section 2 - Munsell
  • Section 3 - The Nature of Light
  • Section 4 - CIE Lab & LCH: Color Tolerancing
  • Section 5 - Color Instruments
  • Section 6 - Putting it Together
  • The course also presents a final exam; 20 questions selected randomly from our library of color science elements. No two students will see the same test. Questions are selected at random and displayed in random order. Answers are also randomized within each question. The only way to pass the test is to know the material.

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This course is offered in: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.


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