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Harmony Room

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Harmony Rooms are customized fit-and-finish rooms that provide best-in-class daylight simulation viewing conditions for large assembled items such as automobiles, furnishings, and carpets.
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Your Color. Always in Harmony.

Harmony Rooms, also referred to as fit-and-finish rooms, are customized, dedicated color evaluation rooms featuring X-Rite SpectraLight QC luminaries mounted throughout the ceilings and/or walls. These custom rooms are ideal for color evaluation of large assembled items, such as automobiles, furnishings and carpets. SpectraLight QC luminaries provide best-in-class daylight simulation for evaluation of products as the customer is most likely to see them.

Especially in the automotive industry, Harmony Rooms are used to detect color differences among various car surfaces where components are provided by a variety of suppliers around the globe. This exceptional controlled lighting environment is ideal for detecting the Orange Peel effect, a defect in paint layering that occurs when paint dries too quickly or has surface bond problems that result in abnormalities in the surface layer. It is also used to detect surface ripple effect that can only been seen at certain angles and using a light source that is not diffused.


  •  Avoid common visual errors in color and finish evaluation caused by inadequate lighting and differences in the way individuals view color.
  •  Implement as part of a precise and consistent color program that ensures high quality products in the marketplace.
  •  Simulate the consumer experience with best-in-class daylight simulation, resulting in broader market acceptance of products.
  •  Evaluate the final assembled product to detect differences in color/finish among components from a wide range of suppliers.
  •  Benefit from consultation with X-Rite Color Experts in configuring the best possible lighting conditions for color/finish evaluation of larger products or components.

Brand owners and manufacturers can also benefit from using the X-Rite SpectraLight QC light booth in conjunction with their Harmony Room in order to achieve consistent color evaluation across the entire manufacturing process. Placing the SpectraLight QC light booth in areas where smaller components are evaluated can prevent surprises once the final product is assembled.


Calibration Daylight D50/D65, UVA
Communication Interface Touchscreen
Dimensions (length, width, height) 37 in x 26 in x 10 in / 94 cm x 66 cm x 25 cm
Humidity Rh 0 to 95% max (non-condensing) 
Illuminants Options: D50, D65, F2/CWF, A, F10/U30, F11/U35, F12/TL84
Industry Standards ISO, ASTM, DIN, ANSI and BSI visual assessment requirements
Instrument Display Monochromatic LCD
Internal Temperature & Humidity Sensor Yes
Lamp Life 400-2000hrs
Lamp Timer Yes
Languages Supported English / Chinese
Light Level Sensor N/A
Light Source D50 or D65, two of TL84/U30/U35, CWF, UVA, 2300K, CIE A
Material Steel
Operating Temperature Range 32°F to 95°F / 0°C to 35°C
Optical Brigtener Compensation (OBC) Yes
Service Indicator Yes
Shipped Weight 117 lbs / 53 kg
Storage Temperature Range -40°F to 158°F / -40°C to 70°C
Total Light Sources 7
Unit Color Two-tone gray
Viewing Area (length, width, height) Customized
Voltage 100, 115, 127, 230V
Warranty 1-2 year
Wattage 1150W Max.
Weight 89.3 lbs / 40.5 kg


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“Having a reliable portable instrument like the X-Rite Ci64UV that we can use throughout the pant to confirm color accuracy at all stages of production has made a significant difference to our business” - Anthony Guariello – President of Ultimate Textiles

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