361T Tabletop Transmission Densitometer

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Product Troubleshooter (1 Items)

361T Troubleshooter
Calibration & Recertification (4 Items)
+Density Calibration - 361T
+Dot Area Calibration - 361T
+How often Should I Recertify my Instrument?
Service Contracts - US Customers Only!
Common HelpDesk Questions (9 Items)
+361T Factory Defaults
+Aperture Sizes and Screen Ruling
+Glossary of Color Terms
+Replacing the Rubber switch cap
+RS232 Specifications - 361T

361T Troubleshooter
361T Will Not Zero on Base
Dot% Function Missing From the Menu (311 emulation mode)
Memory Lost Message Appears When Powering Up
Instrument Pinouts (1 Items)
+Pinouts - 309, 310, 320, 361, 810, 811
Interfacing & Networking: RS232, USB, TCP/IP, etc. (1 Items)
Cables, Adaptors, & Interface Kits
Interfacing with Third Party Applications (5 Items)
CCS and the 361T
Color Encore for Press Correction and the 361T
Color Encore ILS/QC and the 361T
DPU-411 (Thermal Printer) and the 361T
WatchPrint and the 361T

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