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PANTONE Certified Printer Program

Review and analyze every aspect of color operations from preflight, file prep and proofing to ink formulation and mixing, to the press room for exceptional color management.

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Why Become a PANTONE Certified Printer?

From prepress/premedia to ink room and pressroom, PANTONE Certified Printers consistently and accurately communicate color, producing the best possible final product. The PANTONE Certified Printer Program closes the gap in today’s disparate color management programs by reviewing and analyzing every aspect of color operations—from preflight, file prep and proofing, to ink formulation and mixing, and finally to process control in the pressroom. This creates total quality management based on industry best practices and procedures that drive consistent and repeatable color.

PANTONE Certified Printers improve their ability to consistently match PANTONE colors using CMYK and spot colors, accurately and efficiently ensure that incoming ink meets specifications, and optimize use of leftover inks. And it’s not just one-and-done… our color experts review color performance quarterly to ensure that the operation stays on track.


  • Reduce waste across the entire operation, improving profitability.
  • Develop best-in-class standard operating procedures that ensure everyone is speaking the same language and performing in accordance with best practices.
  • Use the certification logo on marketing materials, capitalizing on the universally respected PANTONE® brand.
  • Extend the life of older investments by fine-tuning operation and incorporating them into benchmark processes.
  • Accomplish all of this with a short implementation and ROI within 3-6 months
PANTONE Certification is the most robust color quality certification process available for printers and converters, and the only certification process that encompasses prepress/premedia, the ink room and the pressroom. It is designed to increase the value of your current investments, establish and maintain effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) and implement benchmark processes from the ink room through prepress and production for a consistent, repeatable color workflow across operators, shifts and locations.

Choose a PANTONE® Certified Printer for Your Next Print Project and See the Difference!

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