Model #: 301

301 Transmission Densitometer

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The X-Rite 301 Densitometer provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white film densities.

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Accurate Density Measurements for Black & White Film

The X-Rite 301 Densitometer is a rugged tabletop unit that is recognized as the industry standard for accurate measurement of film densities. It provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white film densities more subtle than can be seen by the human eye. Its large LED numerals can be read easily in bright or dim light. Its measuring range of 0-5.0D with 2mm and 3mm apertures, and 0-4.0D with a 1mm aperture offers maximum operational flexibility.

This easy-to-use densitometer is ideal for radiographic and other applications and is the most widely used densitometer for industrial x-ray requirements. Its rugged construction has even been proven suitable for oil field use and other non-destructive testing.


  •  Measuring range: 0-5.0D with 2 and 3mm apertures; 0-4.0D with 1mm aperture
  •  Scale factor (slope) stability: ±1% per 6 months. Voltage and temperature compensation provides drift-free operation.
  •  Modular construction allows rapid replacement of lamps and easy access to electronic circuits.
  •  Internal memory and the null button allow the operator to make comparative density measurements across a piece of film.
  •  Remains in proper alignment even if it is picked up by the arm.
  • This unit features push button nulling and will compute density comparisons and subtractions.

The X-Rite 301 transmission densitometer includes a built-in 2mm aperture with optional 1mm and 3mm apertures, a calibration strip and a calibration certificate.

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