X-Read for Windows and the 390/391

Users may need to know how to configure the 390/391 to communicate with X-Read software
Application : x-Read for Windows
Vendor : Medical Cost Containment Consultants
Platform : PC (Win3.xx, WIN95, WIN98)
Version : v6.1
Cabling : Software purchased after August of 2002 may use SE108-92 (cable) and the SE108-99 (coaxial to phone jack - power supply adapter).  Older versions will likely require the more complex cabling listed below:
Customer will need either the SE108-09 ("Y" cable) or SE108-69 (cable).

If the PC is equipped with a DB25 type interface port the use an 881-71 (DB25s female) adaptor.

If the PC is equipped with a DB9 type interface port then use either the 881-71 (DB25s female) adaptor AND an SE08-232 (25 to 9 converter) OR simply use an 881-91 (DB9s female) adaptor.
Notes : An old player with a new name (company and software). Please note that x-Read for Windows replaces the previous DOS programs M-Read and X-Read.


Setup is fully described in the x-Read operation manual. First load Epson I/O preset *. Next return to the configuration menu and set the following:

baud =     2400
pin-5 = OFF
format = NEW
dec. pt. = OFF
cr = CRLF
COMP     = ON
xmit = MANUAL
width = FULL


* Note:


Versions v6313 and higher have an I/O preset designed to quickly pre-configure the instrument. The notes above will work in any case... but if you have the X-Read preset you can save a few keystrokes: Use X-Read rather than Epson where possible.

If the SE108-09 "Y" cable is used, the "A" end of the cable must attach to the PC. The "B" end reserved for modem communications only.

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