Windows Firewall Configurations Settings For Shadevision 4.0

Windows Firewall may shut down ShadeVision's Database server.Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes Windows Firewall, which is on by default. If it is on, it must be configured to permit ShadeVision to access its database. Detailed instructions are below. The user must have Administrator privileges to make these changes. If they get a message that they do not have permission to make these changes, they should contact their IT support person.

Go to Control Panel and open Windows Firewall. The user may need to click on Switch to Classic View in the upper left to get the full listing of control panels.
If it is Off, there is no need to continue with these instructions. Windows Firewall will not interfere with ShadeVision on this computer. If it is On, continue with the next step.
Make sure the Don't allow exceptions option is NOT checked.
Click on the Exceptions tab.
In the Exceptions tab, click the Add Program button.
In the Add a Program window that appears, click the Browse... button.
In the Browse window that appears, click on the My Computer button and navigate to C:\Program Files\FirebirdFirebird_1_5\bin\.
Select “fbserver.exe” and then click the Open button.
Click the OK button in the Add a Program window and then make sure "fbserverexe" is checked in the “Windows Firewall” window.
Repeat steps 5, 6 8 and 9, this time selecting "fbquard.exe". The user should not have to repeat step 7 since the Browse window will default to the last folder used.
Click the OK button in the Windows Firewall window to save these settings.
Restart the computer and then run the ShadeVision software to confirm it can access the database. If ShadeVision is running on multiple computers or in a client/server environment, follow this procedure for each computer.
If there is a firewall other than the Windows Firewall installed, the user will need to contact the manufacturer of that program to learn how to create exclusions or exceptions for "fbserver.exe" and “fbguard.exe”, to allow access through the firewall. Unless this is done, ShadeVision will not be able to access its database.

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