WinDense Photo and the 890

How do you set up the 890 to talk to WinDense?WinDense Photo and the 890

Application : WinDense Photo
Vendor : Photoware Limited
Platform : Win 3.1x.. NT 4
Version : v14
Cabling : SE108-92 (cable), SE108-99 (coaxial to phone jack - power supply adapter) and SE30-61 (power supply)
Notes : Per latest info from the folks at WinDense, their newest release operates on all versions of Windows from v3.1x to NT 4. WinDense Photo is a high-end photographic quality control package. It uses the Kodak Advanced Technet RS232 protocol to ensure reliable communications. To configure the hardware, attach a null modem cable between the X-Rite and the PC. The cable kit listed above meets this requirement. The software settings listed below will configure the Advanced Technet data format:
Densitometer Settings:
RCI = ON (uppercase)
Pin5 = off
Xon = off
dtp = off (lowercase)
COMP = ON (Uppercase)
ALF = ON (Uppercase)
del = off (lowercase)
AXMT = ON (Uppercase)
Baud = 9,600

Windense Setup:
Baud = 9,600
Word Structure = N, 8, 1
Com Port = where physically connected

FYI: Per E-Mail from the folks at WinDense (7/18/00) - Antivirus software can greatly slow the data transfer rate from densitometer to PC. In one test run at Eastman Kodak, the transfer time was 19x better with the antivirus software disabled.

The support number for Photoware Limited is... (USA) 704-708-5117
(UK) 011-44-141-423-5666
The WebSite for Photoware Limited is...

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