Which Printers Will Work With the 390/391 Densitometers?

Users may want to connect their 390/391 to a printer in order to print their QC results

The X-Rite 380 / 390 series densitometers all have RS232 output capabilities.  As such they may be interfaced to a variety of PC based software applications, or alternately, to many different personal printers.  The "Third-Party" section of X-Rite's website tracks a number of viable choices.  None-the-less customers often wish to stray from this "Third-Party" list.  The question then arises "What do I really need?". 

So, final answer:  Older, printers from almost any vendor from Panasonic to Okidata, from Brother to Sun, from Epson to Canon are likely to work.  Newer printers often will not work! Even the new EPSONS are not guaranteed as they support more recent and more robust commands but not necessarily the legacy instructions of their great-grandparents. Both serial and parallel printers are viable candidates if  appropriate cabling is selected.  Still not discussed are the potential configuration issues involved at either the X-Rite end or the printer end (or both), but that's food for yet another web page.

The last known printer to connect directly to these densitometers is the Epson Model C80 (not C82, C84, C86, C88...etc...).  Connecting the densitometer to a computer running QC software will allow the user to print to any printer connected to the computer.  X-Rite currently offers special pricing for X-Read Software with an interface cable (p/n: 1261).  Feel free to contact X-Rite Customer Success at 888-826-3044 end_of_the_skype_hifor current pricing on this package. 

1 EPSON's graphical command language is also known (by EPSON) as "ESC/P 2™".  One could argue that "ESC/P 2" compatibility fully defines the software interface needs.  That said, there is at least one EPSON - the C60 - that touts "ESC/P 2" but is known to NOT work.  Customers are generally safer if able to select an appropriate option from our third party lists.  Venturing beyond is still somewhat of a chance event.

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