VersaWorks RIP software requires V2 ICC profiles

VersaWorks RIP Software needs ICC V2 profiles

Users of VersaWorks RIP software Version 3 have found, that this RIP ignores or incorrectly uses a V4 ICC profile.

VersaWorks is incompatible with ICC version 4 profiles. These profiles produce significantly worse color output, e.g. blacks take on a color cast and get very bluish. Additionally, calculation of ink consumption for a print job provides wrong results (it will report much higher ink usage than actual).

To work around this issue, please create Version 2 ICC version profiles. There is no visual difference in terms of color quality between ICC V4 and V2 profiles. If you are creating ICC output profiles with i1Profiler, ProfileMaker 5, MonacoProfiler 4, i1 Match 3, ColorMunki Photo or ColorMunki Design profiling software, you can choose ICC version 2 in the appropriate software settings (found in program preferences).

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