Using the 530 with MeasureTool (ProfileMaker v5.0.8)

Using the 530 with MeasureTool or ProfileMaker
ProfileMaker 5.0.8's MeasureTool has the ability to communicate with a number of different measurement devices, among them the 530 Spectrodensitometer. When using the 530 to measure in Patch mode there are a number of settings that must be confirmed to allow the software to understand the data stream that the 530 is sending. 
(We should note at this point that the 530 is not the most appropriate device for use in building ICC profiles with ProfileMaker. Anyone looking to measure more than a few dozen patches will prefer the speed and simplicity of the i1Pro device or any of the other devices in the i1 Family.)
We would recommend that the device be tested in HyperTerminal (Windows Communication Tool) to ensure that the device is sending information to the correct port, before troubleshooting the communication issues with ProfileMaker and MeasureTool.
 In the Instrument please assure the following settings:
In MeasureTool, you may select the COM port (typically 1) or AUTO and the instrument should connect OK.
A very important (but not immediately obvious) step is to set the 530 to transmit reflectance data rather than L*a*b*. (Use the Up Arrow on the 530, Choose Options, then Choose Color Space and set to Reflectance).

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