USB Connectivity Solutions on Your PC for ShadeVision

USB is a built-in feature of most PC chip sets, operating systems and other system software. While USB integration may reduce the cost of the computer, the user must make sure their computer system is USB compliant.  Compliant USB products must undergo and pass a specific set of testing procedures to help assure they will function correctly on the computer, and ShadeVision meets the compliance regulations.  If you are experiencing connectivity issues resulting in USB errors with your ShadeVision instrument, you may need to upgrade your computer hardware. USB device cards and Powered USB hubs may assist in proper USB solutions.

Listed below are a few solutions that have helped our customers with USB connectivity:  

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of ShadeVision software, firmware, and device drivers installed. 
  2. Use a USB 2.0 Powered Hub.  We have found our customers have used the following hub for their USB solution. Customer example:  USB 4-Port 2.0 Belkin Hub.  Model No: F5U224
  3. Use a USB 2.0 PCI Device Card  It's highly recommended to go to the USB PCI card manufactures website and download the latest device drivers for installation of the PCI card.  We have found our customers have used the following device card for their USB solution. Customer  example:  Universal BUSlink 5-Port USB 2.0 PCI Desktop Card   Model No: UII-PCIP

To understand more about USB devices and approved supplier products checkout for details.


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