Unable to Shut Off Color Management in Canon Driver (Mac OS X)

Unable to Shut Off Color Management in Canon Driver (Mac OS X)

It is true that for MacOS 10.6 some printer drivers do not allow you to switch off the Color Management. In order to create working ICC profiles for a printer, it is essential to print the test charts without any applied color management. The following workaround will allow you to print your test charts through Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard) without color management.

Make sure you have the latest OS X 10.6 revision installed, which should normally also include the latest printer drivers. Alternatively, check on your printer manufacturers' website for latest printer drivers

Launch your X-Rite application to create a printer profile. When printing the test charts,use the following settings to switch off the color management:

You will now get correctly printed charts and the resulting profile will work correcly when you implement it from your imaging application. For example, if you are printing from Photoshop, select Photoshop Manages Colors in your print dialog box, select your desired profile and rendering intent, and set the appropriate paper type and quality options in your printer driver.

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