ShadeVision Instrument Error Messages


Probable reason it occurs

Suggested response

"Text Unavailable"Instrument's language file is out of date.Update language file.
 "Measurement failed."Unspecified measurement failure.Try to measure again.
"Targeting failed."Unspecified targeting failureTry to measure again.
"Measurement failed; battery too low"
"Targeting failed; battery too low."
Battery voltage too low to measurePut the instrument in cradle to recharge before measuring.
"Some measurements were not deleted."Instrument was docked and PC was accessing a measurement.Undock instrument and try again, or delete measurement from PC.
"Please select a tooth."User hit "TARGET" button on Identify Tooth window before selecting a tooth.Select a tooth on the Identify Tooth window.
"Please calibrate the instrument before measuring."Instrument was not calibrated, and the user either hit "MEASURE" button on Home window or undocked the instrument.Dock and calibrate instrument.
"Change the tip and recalibrate to measure a different patient."User answered 'NO' to "Are you measuring the same patient?"Dock and recalibrate instrument (and change the tip if appropriate.)
"Instrument is full. Dock and upload before taking more measurements."User hit "MEASURE" button on Home window while the instrument contained the maximum number of measurements.Dock the instrument and upload measurements before trying to take more measurements.
"Instrument contains no measurements to review."User hit "REVIEW" button on Home window while the instrument contained no measurements. 

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