ShadeVision Error Reporting to Microsoft

Whenever ShadeVision encounters a problem on Windows XP, whether it’s a Microsoft application or a component of Windows, a pop-up window appears, asking you to send an "error report" to Microsoft.  The intention of this "error report" is to help Microsoft improve future products.  To move beyond this error message, simply select "don't send" to close the window.  To disable this feature with regard to the ShadeVision application, perform the following four steps.

  1. Open System in the Control Panel or right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties.

  2. Choose the Advanced tab, and click Error Reporting.

  3. You can disable error reporting entirely here, or enable and selectively choose ShadeVision.

  4. To enable ShadeVision select Add and type dvs.exe and select Ok when done.

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