ShadeVision - Virtual Try-In

1. Attach the finished restoration to the appropriate edentulous arch using clear utility dental wax or a suitable substitute. Remember, if your restoration is a pressable ceramic or other translucent material that requires a stump guide to accurately assess the final shade.

2. Place a denture tooth of similar shade on each side of the restoration. The denture tooth material (plastic, porcelain, etc…), manufacturer, and/or product line are unimportant. Lateral incisors work well for this. Position the restoration so that it appears longer than it’s adjacent denture teeth.

3. Place the arch with the attached restoration under the black cover in a natural orientation. That is, lowers pointing up and uppers pointing down.

4. Open the ShadeVision software and operate in the Dental Lab mode. You must be in Dental Lab mode in order to either measure a restoration or send a restoration file.

5. Select Measure Restoration from the home screen.

6. Double-click on the work order number for the selected restoration.

7. If you just switched from Dentist Office mode, then you will be required to select Calibrate before measuring. Wait until calibration is complete.

8. Remove the hand-held ShadeVision instrument from the docking station and select Measure, select the tooth # of the restoration, and then select Target to take the measurement. Redock the instrument and click on the green check to upload the measurement.

9. Carefully define the active tooth area, select the operator, and then click the green check to see just how well you did. The restoration measurement and the original work order will upload together.

10. VISUALLY compare how you have done by clicking on the Free Movement tool and dragging the restoration into proper orientation. This is your opportunity to have a “Virtual try-in”, allowing you to send the restoration back to the dentist with confidence! If it looks good and blends well, deliver it! If it doesn’t blend well, then make corrections to make it match better. The Average Color and the Hue, Value and Chroma plots provide great information to understand how the tooth needs to be corrected, if you feel that it needs rework.

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