ShadeVision - Error - "Instrument Tip is Missing"

ShadeVision Error - "Instrument Tip is Missing"

This error seems to arise from multiple causes.  Immediately below are listed Workarounds for the first known cause - - instrument memory loss.  A second cause is also suspected - - there seem to have been shipped a number of tips that are out of square.  The result is that the instrument cannot detect the cream colored targeting point inside the black cone.  The instrument assumes that the tip is missing or misaligned. 

Cause #1: Instrument memory loss -

  • Click on "OK".

  • Close the ShadeVision software application.

  • On ShadeVision instrument, touch on the ShadeVision icon under Measurement Count.

    • Display should read similar to this "Version: C313.1125."

    • Display should NOT read similar to this "Version: C313.1125.sjhuiofsdfh?tw".

  • If display is of first variety see Cause #2.

  • If display is of second variety, the instrument memory has become corrupt - - Continue this diagnostic thread

  • Turn the instrument off by pressing the "Off" icon on the LCD.

  • Re-start the ShadeVision software application. (Leave the instrument undocked!).

  • After the software is loaded, re-dock the ShadeVision instrument.

  • Attempt to calibrate.

  • If "Yes" the error has been resolved.

  • If "No" repeat the above procedures.  It may take several attempts to resolve the issue.

  • Once resolved, take several test measurement to ensure that the unit has returned to good health.

Cause #2: Possible bad tip -

  • Remove and inspect tip.

    • Looked at from the front, rectangular opening should appear to be a true 90 degree (square) opening.

    • Looked at from the rear, oval shape and rectangular shape should appear to follow the same vertical axis.

  • If tip appears skewed, set aside and install a second tip onto the ShadeVision instrument.

  • Attempt to calibrate.

  • Repeat this process until a functional tip is located.  X-Rite Customer Service should be notified of the faulty components so that they can be replaced.

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