Shade Guides Installed in Shade-X

Customers might want to know what shade guides are installed in Shade-X

Shade-X has a wide selection of shade guides available to the user.

The following shade guides are included for measuring human teeth.  It is important to note that there two separate databases for each shade guide...a body (dentin) and an incisal database.  Installed shade guides are:

  1. Vita Classical
  2. Vita 3D Master
  3. Ivoclar Chromascop
  4. Dentsply Esthet-X
  5. Trubyte Bioform

To match the Vita Classical shade tab measurement, the following shade guide is installed:

  1. Vita Classical Tab

Additionally, Shade-X has three CAD/CAM block shade gudes installed to help the user select which CAD block to use for the best results.  The following CAD/CAM block databases are installed:

  1. Empress CAD
  2. e.max CAD
  3. 3M Paradigm C

Additional information on these installed shade guides can be found in the "Shade-X User Manual" in Additional Information at the bottom of this window.

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