RS232 Specifications - 390/391

Users may need to know the RS232 specifications when setting up the 390/391 to communicate with a third party software or printer.The following factory defaults are true of X-Rite 391 densitometers


Word structure / rate

  1 start bit
  7 bits of data
  1 parity bit set to SPACE condition
  1 stop bit
  9,600 baud

The word structure is fixed. Baudrate and handshake are user adjustable. Note: Not all terminal programs can support MARK and SPACE options. Either of the following word structures will receive instrument data correctly.

  9600, 8, N, 1
  9600, 7, S, 1

ASCII data looks like the following.

  X.XX is the value of the measured target
  <cr> is the carriage return character
  <lf> is the line feed character

For additional information describing the various output formats refer to the printed densitometer's operation manual PN 391-500 or access it at the link below.

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