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RGB Printer Test Chart Won't Print in i1Profiler 1.7.1 on Windows

The RGB Printer test chart will not print in i1Profiler 1.7.1...this is a known bug reported to engineering,.The RGB Printer profiling “Print” button does not work in the Test Chart workflow step. This has been verified and logged as a software bug to fix in the next update of i1Profiler. In the meantime, you have a few options:
  1. Some users have reported that if they uninstall one of their printers (preferably one that you no longer use) and then reboot the PC, the “Print” button worked.
  2. You can save the test chart out as a TIFF and then print it with all color management turned off.
  3. You can uninstall i1Profiler 1.7.1 and X-Rite Device Services Manager in Control Panel > Programs & Features, reboot the PC, and then reinstall i1Profiler 1.6.7 using the following link: http://www.xritephoto.com/ph_product_overview.aspx?ID=1397&Action=Support&SoftwareID=1672

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