Protect your Electronic Devices by Reducing Static Discharge

As winter approaches and the relative air humidity becomes drier, you will no doubt find yourself being shocked when you open a car door or reach to shake hands with a friend. Believe it or not, you are discharging thousands of volts of static electricity each time that this occurs. This almost instantaneous shift of electrical potential can be damaging to electronic devices. The name for this shift in electrical potential is called ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).

Your ShadeVision instrument has been designed to prevent static discharge from damaging its circuits. While most PC's are well designed and can attenuate this event, others may not be so robust.

One of your first lines of defense against static discharge in your office is to reduce the chance that it will happen in the first place. Naturally neutralizing these fields will reduce the energy levels thus reducing impact and severity of the discharge. Two easy changes for your work environment are to increase the relative humidity and use an air ionizer in the room where you are undocking/docking your ShadeVision instrument.

Note that an ESD event can occur with any device that is removed and reattached to a PC or charging circuit. Electronic organizers, cellular phones, digital cameras, and other removable electronic devices all are at risk as the dry winter air enhances conditions for the creation of static charges.

We hope this advice helps protect the electronic devices that are used in your office during this winter season.

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