Printers and Printer Cables for the 390/391

Users may need to know what printers and/or cable to use with their 390/391

The X-Rite model 390 and 391 densitometers can connect to certain parallel printers only.  All other printers will not work with the 390/391.  For a complete list of compatible printers, scroll down to the "Interfacing with Third Party Applications" list on the Support page for the 390 or 391 at the following link:
The compatible printers are no longer manufactured and will be difficult to obtain at this time. 

Many users are choosing to purchase X-Read QC software (p/n: 1261) from X-Rite and then connect the 390/391 to a computer that will in turn print to whatever printer is connected to the computer.  To purchase X-Read software, contact X-Rite Customer Service. 

If the customer wishes to purchase the printer cable for a compatible parallel printer, the part number is: SE130-SERPAR

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