Print Quality Settings in ShadeVision

Print Quality Settings in ShadeVision

   When attempting to print from ShadeVision in the Group Editor window, the user will be prompted with a Print Setup dialog box. Setting the Paper Type to Glossy Photo Paper and/or the Print Quality to Best or Highest in this window won't necessarily improve the print quality. The user will be required to have these settings set in the printer's default settings in Control Panel. To do this -

  1. Double click on Printers in Control Panel to access installed printers.

  2. Right click on the desired printer and then left click on Printing Preferences... in the resulting pop up window to access the printer's default settings.

  3. Select the desired Paper Type and/or Print Quality, click on Apply, and then OK to close the Printing Preferences window.

    If the default print quality settings are Best/Highest, the printout will print in that setting unless the user selects a different setting in the Print Setup window that pops up in the Group Editor. If the default print quality settings are Normal, changing the settings to Best/Highest in this Print Setup window will not improve the print quality.A user might prefer to print the Full Color view in the default Best setting and then the rest of the views (Color Grid, Color Map, Value, etc...) in the Normal setting.

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