Optimizing Profile causes Program to Crash

Optimizing Profile and getting errors or program is crashing

Optimizing a profile is a great way to improve its performance further through optimization. Users can perform this optimization step as many times as desired and the profile performance will get incrementally better.  This option only works with profiles built with ColorMunki.

If optimizing a previously created profile causes an error message, the first thing to check is that the profile is a ColorMunki generated profile.  Also, for best performance the profile that you are optimizing should be created with the same version of the software that the original profile was generated in.  For instance, if you are currently running the v1.1.1 of the ColorMunki software but the version you created this profile with was running v1.0.2 you will get an error.  When unsure of the version of the software it is best to recreate a new profile and then try to optimize it.   

Reading a chart that was created as an optimization test chart for another image may cause the following error:



User-added image

This is due to the software is expecting one test chart to be read but is getting values for an entirely different chart.  To prevent this it may be best to print a new chart each time you optimize allow the software to populate the correct set of patches for the image selected.


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