Optimizing ColorMunki Generated Profiles

Once the  ColorMunki printer profile has been built, there is an option to improve its performance further through optimization. Users perform this optimization step as many times appropriate and the profile performance will get incrementally better. This option only works with profiles built with ColorMunki.

To optimize profiles, go to Profile my Printer and select Optimize Existing Profile in Step 1 of the wizard.

Optimization of a profile involves the extraction of colors found in an image specified, and producing a customized color test chart, printed and  measured using the ColorMunki device. The measurements are then used to improve the performance of the profile.

Each time an optimization is performed, we recommend choosing a new image that contains a variety of different colors than previous images, in order to get the most benefit from optimization. If optimizing with images that contain mostly green colors, then the profile will have improved accuracy in green colors. If optimized with images that contain mostly skin tones, then the profile will have improved accuracy reproducing skin tones. If you optimize with images containing neutrals, the profile gray balance performance will improve.

Optimizing the existing profiles does not actually make black and white profiles. It takes an image and samples a collection of colors from it.  These sampled colors are then printed, measured and then optimized in the profile. If you need a profile that is optimized for portrait work, select and image with a variety of flesh tones. ColorMunki will create a collection of fleshtone samples to use for the optimization. You can take the same original profile and create several optimized profiles for specific applications such as landscapes or grayscale images. 

The profile is not technically a grayscale profile, it is simply a profile that is optimized for several shades of grey (from a grayscale image). 

ColorMunki Photo allows users the ability to select an image in JPEG or TIFF format to use in the test chart generation process. ColorMunki Design allows users to select five palette colors to use for the test chart generation process.

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