Network Installation - "Typical" to "Client/Server" Install

Typical to Network Installation

If ShadeVision has been previously installed on a PC as "Typical" or "Stand alone" and the customer would like to move the database to his network server with client workstations accessing it, perform the following steps:

  1. Back up the current database using ShadeVision Database Manager on the "Typical" (Stand alone) install.  Place this .gbk file on removable media (CD, Zip disk, USB thumb drive, etc...) or save it to a shared folder on the server or network.
  2. Uninstall ShadeVision on the "Typical" install by using "Add or Remove Programs" in "Control Panel".  Reboot the computer.
  3. Delete ShadeVision directory.  The default location is -  Local disk (c:) > Program files > X-Rite.  Right click Windows "Start" > Explore >  Local disk (c:) > Program Files > X-Rite and then delete the "ShadeVision" folder.  The X-Rite folder may be deleted if it contains only "ShadeVision".
  4. Install on the new serveras "Network Server", "Typical", or "Network Client and Server" from ShadeVision install/update CD.
  5. Reboot the server.
  6. Select "Continue Unlicensed" in the resulting registration window.
  7. Restore the current database using ShadeVision Database Manager (Server).  Write down the "Server name" and "Database path" from the home screen of ShadeVision Database Manager.  This will need to be entered into the clients during installation.
  8. Register database using the same AUI (Server).  If the AUI has been previously registered, you will be need to call X-Rite Customer Service at 866-617-4233 or e-mail
  9. Install clients by selecting "Network-Client" option during installation.  You will need to correctly enter the server name and DB path that is on the home screen of the server's  ShadeVision Database Manager.
  10. Reboot the client and test the system.


There are specific network requirements for installing ShadeVision.  Please see the "Related Support" on the left side of this page.  It would also be advisable to make sure that the client workstations can "ping" the server by name prior to installing to the network.


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