Network Database Path Settings - ShadeVision

Network Server Name and Path Settings

   While networking ShadeVision, the installer should be aware of the requirements of naming the database path by using the server's name and the path to the ShadeVision database on that computer.  In the following example, if the defaults are accepted during installation on a server with the computer name of "SAMXP", then the clients will need the server name and path entered as follows - 

Server name - SAMXP

Database Path - C:\Program Files\X-Rite\ShadeVision\Data\

    Perhaps the most common error made while networking ShadeVision is that the installer will enter the mapped drive to the location of the database instead of the required path on that particular computer. The easiest way to avoid this error would be for the installer to follow these steps -

  1. Install properly on the server by following the enclosed instructions.

  2. After restarting the computer, open ShadeVision's Database Manager by selecting Window's Start - Programs - ShadeVision - Database Manager.

  3. The "Server Name" and "Database Path" is displayed on the Database Manager home screen.

  4. Install the clients by selecting Client/Network (Client only) and then enter the server/path information exactly as displayed on the home screen of the server's Database Manager.

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