Multiple Shade Assignments for the Same Tooth

Customers might want to know why they get multiple shade assignments for the same tooth.

Perhaps a user might ask this question, “Why am I taking multiple Shade-X scans on the same tooth?” The answer is very simple. Teeth are not composed of uniform coloring or shading in all cases. Looking at an anterior tooth, the body of the tooth may have a different shade than either the incisal or gingival thirds of the tooth. In addition, Shade-X is a “spot” device that measures a “3mm” spot on the tooth each time.

Remember that teeth are polychromatic and moving the tip of the instrument even a fraction of a millimeter can produce a different shade assignment than the first reading. Actually, Shade-X’s ability to pick-up these subtle changes in tooth color is a testimonial to its accuracy.

 Please see the Additional Information at the bottom of this page entitled: "Shade-X Best Practices" for more Shade-X user tips.

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