Moving ShadeVision From Server To Standalone

ShadeVision customers may need to move the server version of the software to a workstation if they can no longer have it installed on the server.  Windows 2003Server and Windows XP (x32) are the last supported operating systems.

Moving ShadeVision From Client/Server to Standalone

ShadeVision software is "locked" to a PC through its Application Unique Identifier (AUI). It may be moved to a new computer but not without intervention by X-Rite support staff.  Below are the steps necessary to move the installation.
  1. Using the ShadeVision "Database Manager", make a verifiable backup of the ShadeVision database on the existing server.  This backup will eventually be moved to the future standalone PC.
    • ShadeVision databases can be large.  If the dentist or laboratory has accumulated much data, it may well require a two-step process to generate a transportable archive.  In the first step, a conventional backup is made to a location on the PC's hard drive.  In the next step, this file must be copied to transportable media - perhaps a CD or USB drive. Alternately, a one-step backup might be made to a network server. On a network, the back up could be saved to a shared folder.
  2. Close all running applications then, via "Control Panel", stop the Firebird Server.  Copy the ShadeVision data file (c:\program files\x-rite\shadevision\data is the default location) to a safe location. (This will be .svdb files while the backup will be a .gbk file)
  3. Install ShadeVision onto the standalone PC by selecting “Manually update…” and/or “Typical” as the install type.  Restart the computer.
  4. When the "ShadeVision Registration" window opens, select "Continue Unlicensed".
  5. Open ShadeVision "Database Manager" on the standalone PC, select "Continue Unlicensed", and then select "Restore Database" to load the backup (.gbk file) into the standalone computer by selecting it from the shared folder or from the removable media. 
  6. Reopen "Database Manager" to access the "ShadeVision Registration" window.
  7. Contact X-Rite Support at 866-617-4233 or e-mail  and request a new license key.  If the old install is deleted and the database successfully moved to the new install, then Applications will simply use the License Key Generator to issue a new license key.  The customer can use the same AUI in this case.  The new registration code and license key should be entered into the registration database. 
  8. Enter the license key into the "License Key" textbox and then select "License".
  9. Close "Database Manager" and run ShadeVision to verify that all image data has been correctly restored.
  10. In "Control Panel" use the "Add/Remove Programs" tool to remove ShadeVision and Firebird from the original server.  Restart the PC and then remove the ShadeVision folder from the directory.  The copy of the ShadeVision data file can be deleted as well.
Note - If moving the database is not possible, then Applications will need to use a new AUI for this customer's new install.  Dental labs will need to resend their *.faf (with a new unique facility name) to their dentists if licensed with a new AUI.

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