MonacoPROFILER native i1iO and iSis Support

Monaco PROFILER 4.8.4 is the final version of this program (now discontinued, but still technically supported).

This program will not show the i1 iO or the i1 iSis devices as available to select for measurements. How can owners of this program use these measurement devices?


The current version of MonacoPROFILER does not provide direct support in the measurement device options for the i1iO or the iSis.

However, you may generate and measure your targets using ColorPort Utility software. ColorPort allows you to save your measured data as a PROFILER session file (as well as other formats), and can even set MonacoPROFILER to automatically open as soon as your file is saved.

To download a copy of ColorPort, go here.

Any of the versions of ColorPort from 1.5.4 and upwards will offer connectivity for the i1iO and i1iSis to a MonacoPROFILER user.

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