Measurement step isn't showing the entire test chart with in i1Profiler

Created a test chart to measure in the i1Profiler software with either i1Pro2 or the i1iO table which appears correctly in the test chart options and prints out fine but under the measurement step the pages are not all being displayed.  This issue has occurred particularly for users that are printing to rolled media.  For example, the chart is a 2-page file which prints properly but only the first page shows up to measure. In order to resolve the issue the page setup needs to be cut in half for either the width or the height.  For example, if the chart to measure shows the width set to 23.5/2", changing this to 11.75" in the Test Chart options by selecting "Custom Paper Size" and then making changes to cut the width in half, will allow the chart to show on the next screen.  Most common occurrences of this issue have been if the chart is printed side by side on the rolled media. Once the paper size has been adjusted this will make it a two page chart for measuring and will not rearrange the patches incorrectly so they appear out of order.  

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