MacAfee Firewall v.8.2.1 Settings for ShadeVision

In the event that a customer is using MacAfee Total Protection (version 4.7.0 as of 5/27/09) and the firewall is blocking Firebird (ShadeVision's DB engine), the instructions for allowing full access to Firebird in the MacAfee Firewall (version 8.2.1 as of 5/27/09) are as follows: 

  1. Right-click on the MacAfee icon in the system tray and then select "Firewall Settings".
  2. Go to the "Internet Applications" tab and scroll to "Firebird". Single click on "Firebird" to see settings below. 
  3. Make sure to select the "Full Access" option in the "Permissions" section.
  4. Select "OK" to save these settings and close MacAfee. 
  5. Restart the PC and open ShadeVision after the PC is fully restarted.

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