Mac OS X and ICC v4 Profiles

Mac OS X and  ICC v4 Profiles causing prints to be too dark or a cyan or gray border on the printed image area.

The initial releases of Apple's Leopard operating system Mac OSX10.5 and higher are causing incompatibility issues with ICC v4 Profiles being used in some third party applications with both Epson and Canon drivers. For this reason we are only recommending that users build version 2 profiles.

Our ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Design products default to ICC v4. To change this, click on ColorMunki Photo in your menu bar, then click on preferences. Here you can change version 4 to version 2. For the ColorMunki Design products simply launch Profile My Monitor or Profile my Printer and then click on the corresponding option on the tool bar next to the Apple Icon and go to Preferences.

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