Loss of Detail in Shadows Areas

Created profile is applied to an image and now there is loss of detail in the shadow areas.  How can I increase the quality of the dark areas in my RGB output profile?

For profiling most RGB-type printers with ProfileMaker, or Eye-One Match, the TC RGB 9.18 chart is a good choice. This chart has 918 color patches, as opposed to TC 2.83 RGB, which has 283.

Depending on the shadow-reproduction characteristics of your RGB-type printer (linearity, black point, etc.) the TC9.18 RGB printer target may not have enough color patches to accurately describe the shadow areas.

For better results, you can create a custom printer target using the Testchart Generator in MeasureTool 5. Define the number of patches to be 1200-1800. This should help to increase the quality of shadow reproduction.

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